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Person-In-Charge Training Course

Online Food Safety Training Made Easy!
Person-In-Charge Training

Watch. Read. Learn. Improve.

Course includes FREE tools and resources:  Food Safety Documents, Posters, Standard Operation Procedures, and more! 
Designed to make learning easy. Reinforce learning with visual presentations, written summaries, and quizzes
Perfect to train new hires and existing staff on food safety
Simple online learning course can be completed within 2 hours

Don't just take control...

  • Take Active Managerial Control. But first let us prepare your most valuable asset - your team!
  • Improve your restaurant's performance by implementing a proactive food safety approach
  • Train new hires easily and quickly, reduce turnover by giving staff the tools they need to succeed 
  • Learn various food safety topics that will help prepare staff for local food inspections
  • Raise the bar: restaurants with proper food safety practices are more likely to thrive
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The MoJin Advantage

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Every year, we conduct 2500+ municipal food safety inspections. In doing so, we have identified the most frequent food safety topics that food establishments struggle with. Through conversation with these restaurant owners and managers, we have discovered they all share a common thread: The need to educate their team on food safety.

Operating a food establishment takes an incredible amount of time and energy to manage. This course is designed to deliver an incredible amount of value by serving as an educational tool to train staff, as well as an online resource center.

Included are various food safety documents, posters, Standard Operating Procedures, record keeping templates, and links to those hard to find sanitizer and pH test strips.

Our unique experience with food safety inspections allows us to design and deliver the perfect training tool for any food establishment to use.

Oh, did we mention - it's only $12.00!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information does the course cover? 

Can I use my smart phone to take the course? 

Of course! All you need is internet access and a web browser. Take the course on any computer, tablet, or smart phone, and use any web browser you want!

How do I earn my Person-In-Charge Training Certificate? 

At the end of the course, you must pass a 20 question exam with a passing score of 70%. Don't worry though, you can take the exam as many times as you want!

If I leave the course before finishing, do I have to start over from the beginning?

Nope! Simply log back into your account and pick up right where you left off. Your progress is automatically save.

I need additional help with the using the online course, how do I get help? 

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